CARCON 2019 The 7th National Conference of Conference Against Rabies 14-15 June 2019 Dr RPGMC, Tanda, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India.

CARCON 2019 was successfully conducted by Dr Sunil Raina and his organizing team at Dr RP Govt Medical College, Tanda, Himachal Pradesh. The conference was inaugurated by the State minister of Health and Family Welfare, Mr Vipin Singh Parmar. A one and a half day academic bonanza included plenary presentations by Padam Sri, Dr Omesh Bharti, President, WONCA South Asia, Dr Raman Kumar, and Panel discussions on One Health approach, and on Issues with newer WHO guidelines on Rabies prophylaxis. The paper presentations were divided in two sections, one for the Human component and another for the Animal component, thus moving ahead with an integrated approach in this domain. The next national conference CARCON 2020 will be hosted by IIPH Gandhinagar.