From the General SecratoryDr.Anurag Agarwal

Rabies is a significant medical and veterinary health problem in developing countries especially India where approximately 20,000 (2004) people loose their life to this illness. This figure is just the tip of the iceberg as most cases go unreported. Moreover the awareness regarding this illness and its data collection is extremely poor amongst the health professionals and the general public. A lot of media attention has been generated in recent years whenever rabies related deaths are reported. This has led to some increase in political commitment and public awareness.

The basic problem in this country is not advanced scientific research but spreading awareness on management of animal bite such as wound washing and serum and vaccine administration at grass root level. Seeing a perfectly healthy human die due to this incurable disease is heart breaking.

Being clinicians, the biggest problem faced by us sitting in the OPD or casualty is how to tackle various issues in patient management on animal bite and the lack of awareness in the colleagues and general public. Keeping this in mind we, a group of practicing clinicians, got together and organized a movement called CONSORTIUM AGAINST RABIESĀ®.

This is the sincere effort of our team of dedicated doctors that we have tried to spread awareness and support research in this field to eliminate Rabies.

I request all to come forward and join hands in eradicating the menace of rabies in India as many of countries has already done.