From the PatronDr. A.T. Kannan

It is a great honour to take on this endeavour of making India Rabies free with the start of this organisation 'Consortium Against Rabies'. The aim of this consortium is to focus on the issues related to Rabies ,which is an often neglected disease.

Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals most often transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. In India, about 15 million people are bitten by animals, mostly dogs, every year and need post exposure prophylaxis. There is at present no comprehensive national rabies control program in Indiaor a policy frame work.It is left to State Governments and Municipal boards to have initiatives on their own usually with their budgeting. The introduction of intradermal route for rabies vaccine is a huge welcome step in reducing the cost incurred in its prevention. I find that in Rabies, the challenges and opportunities are both great.

I think we need more advocacy and research on rabies in order to deal with it.

We welcome all who intend to fight against this menace to join this movement and make their contribution towards this cause.

We are on to make full on efforts to prevent and control Rabies.

I wish my team all the very best ! I also take this opportunity to people visiting this site to view the download section and activities, an effort by youngsters showing their commitment and zeal.The consortium would like every one of you to hold hands and give the organisation a big boost and fillip.